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Exclusive Autographed Copies of 


The Unsung Women Behind Britain's Greatest Statesman

Transcribed by MBA Legal Transcription. Each copy is autographed by the author and this transcription service. The only approved location in the U.S. to sell autographed copies!  

Will make great holiday gift.  Please order soon to avoid holiday rush.

Working With Winston: The Unsung Women

Advance Praise for Working with Winston

The Unsung Women behind Britian's Greatest Statesman

"They say that no man is a hero to his valet. The people who knew Winston Churchill most intimately outside his family- his secretaries and personal assistants- did think him a hero. Cita Stelzer explains why and floods fresh light on the man and his working practices ... a well-researched, well-written, and hugely enjoyable book, which I highly recommend.

Andrew Roberts, author, "Churchill: Walking With Destiny"

"An absorbing, intriguing, and utterly fascinating study of the women who supported Churchill during the most challenging of his endevours, from leading - and inspiring - Britain and the West during WWII to writing innumerable speeches and books of enormous importance on the most consequential political, historical and social issues of Churchill's time. A masterful work!"

General David Petraeus (US army Ret.) former commander of coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan and US Central Command and former Director of the CIA

"Cita Stelzer has found an intimate way to reveal the secrets of this great man's life with exceptional skill and flair, giving voice to the silent army that helped him to lead the nation."

Sarah Baxter, Deputy Editor of the (London) Sunday Times. 

"A gripping read that tells the story of the extradorinaiy women, and one man, who were Churchill's secretaries. Out of their fascinating personal accounts emerges a brilliantly original and at times deeply touching account of Winston in all his multiple moods, colors and breath-taking accomplishment"

Julia Boyd, author, "Traveller in the Third Reich" and "A Dance With The Dragon."

"In his darkest hours Winston Churchill depended on his supporting cast: those who took down his words, managed his affairs, and provided the machinery to channel his prodigious energy to maximum effect. They were far more than secretaries and Cita Stelzer has done us a great service in bringing them out of the shadows and putting them centre stage. "

Allen Packwood, Director of the Churchill Archives, Churchill College Cambridge. 

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