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How We Work

Feel free to upload your files to me through Hightail on my Home Page unless you have your own dropbox. If you prefer not to upload your files, or if there are too many, or they are too big to upload, you can put them on a disk and send it to me Fed Ex, UPS, or regular mail. Or if you’re local in the Phoenix area, I can send a courier to pick it up. Or you can also schedule a day and time to drop it off to me. But before you let go of your disk, it’s advised and suggested that you make a copy of it and provide me with the copy.

Once your project has been completed, we email it to you as an attachment on a Law Pay invoice so you can pay electronically with either debit or credit. If you prefer paying by check, no problem. I’ll send you an invoice, and will email the transcript to you. Just contact me for my mailing address.

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